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Pionners in ceramic



and components

Printing technical

support in printing


Besides advising our customers on design printing, our experience in this field permit us to offer technical support service for the printing and ceramic decoration systems.

We offer technical support in inkjet technology, cleaning of inkjet print heads, advise and production of silicone rollers, screen printings and other components. 

We adapt our collections according to the needs of our clients, creating a personalized product and providing technical advice during production phase of each project.

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Exclusive collections

Trends leaders

In IberPoligraph we create tangible ceramic collections that mark the rhythm of the market each season. Designs that accurately reflect a large variety of textures and tones that evolve together with architecture and interior design.

Thanks to our qualified personnel and our cutting edge technology, we are able to carry out the most exclusive projects including structured surfaces to give more realism to our collections.

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Experts in ceramic


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