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And much


We offer technical assistance, supply of ceramic printing components as well as their maintenance for all the current printing systems.

The continuous research of design and trends, decades of experience, together with our know how allows us to offer our clientele a unique and customized product.


Creation of three-dimensional shapes and objects on demand working with a wide variety of materials and different finishes.

3D project gallery


Ctra. Vila-real - Onda, Km 3 -  Polígono Industrial Argenta, Naves 9/10

Apdo 414 - 12540 Vila-real, Castellón - Spain

Phone (+34) 964 506 750  -  Fax: (+34) 964 500 088

Ceramic design and printing area:   comercial@iberpoligraph.es

3D project area:   comercial2@iberpoligraph.es

Poligraph's entrepreneur soul begins its international expansion with Iberpoligraph, strongly supported by their product promotion and services within Spain.

Furthermore, the demands in the American market have consolidated our presence within this region with PoligraphUSA, providing service to the South and Central America producers.

the beginning of the group

Poligraph is a company with a strong background, leader for over 40 years in the Ceramics printing sector in Fiorano Modenese, Italy. Today, Poligraph continues its journey along the creative research paths and cutting edge technology.


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